Design & Drawing

Drawings and designs are a crucial part of the scaffolding industry. Especially when the requirement is to erect high and complicated scaffolding towers. Our design office will design scaffolding to suit the requirements but also comply with SANS. Quantification of components is automatically generated. If an engineer’s drawing is required we make use of external professional engineers that specializes in scaffold designs.

Since February 2014, South African Construction regulations  calls for all temporary works to be designed, inspected and approved by a competent person.

SA Scaffolding Group provides this service through South Africa’s leading temporary works consulting engineering firm – Steierwerk (PTY) Ltd

Steierwerk (PTY) Ltd is a professional engineering consultancy that offers a comprehensive support service for all aspects of Temporary Works.

Steierwerk’s engineering team is able to produce project specific, standard solution or detailed designs in line with local and international design codes. By making use of SANS codes, BS codes, Equipment guidance notes and Technical information our customers can be assured that the solution offered through our engineering department will be an engineered solution that conform to local OHSA and Construction regulations.