As a group, we are committed to our clients the community and entrepreneurial development through continuous Corporate Social Investment projects and management involvement in each project. We are also committed to nature preservation by investing in an environmentally friendly paint plant and enclosed booth.

Black Economic Empowerment is something that we drive with passion.  We have been blessed with a productive factory and a passionate team and this is one of many ways of giving back and building a better future for all.

We are committed to building long term relationships with our entrepreneurs.  We help them to build a strong foundation with solid ethics to ensure their sustained success.  We have assisted a number of entrepreneurs with their DTI Grant applications and other funding solutions.

Investing in our own employees are another way that we serve and share.  Our staff turnaround is very slow and we maintain strong relationships with every factory, yard, site and administrative employee in the company.  This guarantees an increase in productivity levels and ensures that the working experience and environment is a satisfying one.

Reaching out to the local community is very close to our hearts.  We regularly undertake projects where we reach out to local schools, handing out bibles, stationary, toys, food, clothes and also planting trees.  We have a dedicated Pastor visiting our factory weekly to serve our employees with the Word of God.

Driving education: iCollege

We believe that only an open hand will receive.  Making a difference in society can only have an impact if you do your research carefully and select an initiative with solid goals and values.  One of the programmes we have selected, is iCollege.  We believe that education is the key to a prosperous future for our next generation.

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