About us


To develop a successful and sustainable concern in the construction industry, the following factors are key:

Quality, service, project deadlines, price and safety.

If these factors are met by a supplier, the client is assured that the purchased or hired product is safe for use and suitable for the desired design or application. This guarantees that the correct material is obtained and implemented from the start to finish of any given project.

SA Scaffold is built on these five pillars and our daily strive is to never fail in any of these factors.

Our strive to stay independent, enables us to make faster decisions, offering our clients superior solutions and exceeding their expectations.  We are prepared to meet our client’s budget with financial negotiations and can easily adapt business strategies to accommodate any market changes and fluctuations.

We provide products and hire services to the construction, civil and mining industry both locally and abroad.  Our extensive production and hiring experience ensures that we keep up with local and international technology trends. We believe innovation is key in finding the most economical solutions to serve our valued client base.

We build our reputation on product quality and exceptional service to all customers.  Solid and honest business ethics created over many years have sustained long term relationships with our clients, staff and suppliers.  By saving where possible and limiting overheads we ensure a highly competitive rate in the market.  Our production experience enables the factory to manufacture high volumes in a very short lead time.  Flawless safety is one of the core values of our hiring division and our erecting teams have the capacity and experience to erect at a fast pace.

We do site management, scaffold erecting and manufacturing at the same premises.  This enables us to control and regulate the quality of our assets, services and product delivery.  We aim to establish and maintain the highest standards of Health and Safety performance within our industry and to achieve all Health and Safety objectives.  Our production and erecting teams are motivated to manufacture and erect at a fast pace, with zero compromise on quality and safety.

SA Scaffold exports to African countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.  We not only export directly, but also supply to international distributors.  We assist export clients with the relevant documentation and SADC Certification to aid the quick and effortless transfer to the designated country.  Our extensive experience in packing, documentation and sealing of containers for shipment, as well as quantity and quality verification by Bureau Veritas Inspectors, adds to overall customer satisfaction.