Quicklock Scaffolding Pretoria


Quicklock Frames have the capacity to extend up to 20m if properly tied to the building of a safe structure. The table below shows the maximum free standing height allowed and is based on the SABS 085 - 1988 maximum permissible base to height ratio :

Static Tower - 4.0 x min base dimension

Mobile Tower - 3 x min base dimension

  • Caster wheels
  • Tie bars
  • Scaffold frames
  • Diagonal brace
  • Frame slot inward
  • Hook on Board
  • Trap door
  • Toe Board clip
  • Toe board
  • Access ladder
  • Swivel Couplers

Quicklock Provides

  • Easy to erect: two people can easily build the scaffolding.
  • The main system component is frames, available in three sizes: 1524mm; 2134mm and 3048mm.
  • A cost effective solution that is easily erected, transported, palletized, dismantled and stored.
  • Platforms adjust at 914mm intervals.
  • The system offers a 90° access ladder with a trapdoor and platform.
  • Can be used as mobile towers on castor wheels or as static towers with base jacks at the base of the tower.

Quicklock Quality

  • Quicklock is manufacturing under the following SANS codes: 10085-1 of 2004 and 398-3 of 2005.
  • Both manufacturing and quality control processes conform to the relevant SABS Standards and South African Health and Safety regulations. The National Standard is the identical implementation of BS1139-3 of 1994 and is adopted with the permission of the British Standard Publishing (Ltd) and International Quality Standard.

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