SA Scaffold Manufacturing, established in 2003, is the largest independent manufacturer of scaffolding in South Africa.  We supply the local and international Construction, Retail Tool Hire, Mining and Civil industry.


Quicklock Frames have the capacity to extend up to 20m if properly tied to the building of a safe structure. The table below shows the maximum free standing height allowed and is based on the SABS 085 - 1988 maximum permissible base to height ratio :

Static Tower - 4.0 x min base dimension 

Mobile Tower -   3 x min base dimension




The key components of Quickstage are standards, ledgers, base jacks and hook - on boards. The standards. Also called uprights, are the vertical (tubes) that transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground where it rests on the basejacks.

The adaptability of the system enables the standards to be erected closer together when necesary to accommodate heavier loads. The ledgers is horizontal tubes (also called transoms) which connect between the standards.



Both manufacturing and quality control processes conform to the relevant SABS Standards and South African Health and Safety regulations. The National Standard is the identical implementation of BS1139-3 of 1994 and is adopted with the permission of the British Standard Publishing (Ltd) and International Quality Standards Quickstage is manufactured under the following SANS codes: 10085-1 of 2004 and 398-3 of 2005.


The formwork ssytems manufactured and utilised by SA Scaffolding are primarily used in the ''in-situ'' (one - piece) casting of concrete columns walls and floor slabs, normally used during the construction of high - rise buildings, bridges, reseroirs and other similar applications.

Economy Form Panels

A high quality steel faced panel, ideal for vertical applications

Custom manufactured according to the client's shape and size requirement


Specifically for slab casting contractors

Ultra durable and strong components for heavy loads such as concrete slabs, bridges, reservoirs, walls and concrete columns

Jacking Components

We manufacture a range of jacking components for timber and steel decking applications

U-head jacks, fork-head jacks, double-head jacks

Decking Systems

We offer two decking systems for horizontal formwork requirements. Both use decking panels which are available in various sizes.Decking panels are commonly used by slab casting contractors where

a smooth and level slab is required.

Box Floor System

Consists of decking panels supported by Props or Quickstage components with U-head jacks.

Quickstrip Beam System

Consists of decking panels supported by Quickstage components with double-headed jacks.

Aluminium Stairway Tower 2000 Series