The formwork systems manufactured and utilised by SA Scaffolding are primarily used in the ''in-situ'' (one - piece) casting of concrete columns walls and floor slabs, normally used during the construction of high - rise buildings, bridges, reservoirs and other similar applications.

Formwork is mostly manufactured using a metal frame, and 3mm steel faceplate.

The formwork systems can be custom designed and adapted to accommodate scale construction and engineering projects according to a client's specific needs.

Economy Form Panels

A high quality steel faced panel, ideal for vertical applications

Custom manufactured according to the client's shape and size requirement


Specifically for slab casting contractors

Ultra-durable and strong components for heavy loads such as concrete slabs, bridges, reservoirs, walls and concrete columns

Jacking Components

We manufacture a range of jacking components for timber and steel decking applications

U-head jacks, fork-head jacks, double-head jacks

Decking Systems

We offer two decking systems for horizontal formwork requirements. Both use decking panels which are available in various sizes. Decking panels are commonly used by slab casting contractors where a smooth and level slab is required.

Box Floor System

Consists of decking panels supported by Props or Quickstage components with U-head jacks.

Quickstrip Beam System

Consists of decking panels supported by Quickstage components with double-headed jacks.

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